Monday, May 13, 2013

She Banged him to Death

Please Keep Anonymous xx So I Was dating this guy for about 6 months and we had already slept together a lot . . He gaves me the keys to his place ( As i wanted to cook dinner) and told me he would be back by 8, While i was there i didn't do dinner. . . . I Just got changed into A Sexy little outfit (Corset, Heels, suspenders). . . Anyways when he came back i was waiting laying on the bed. When he spotted me his mouth dropped open straight away, (Big confidence boost) XD He walked straight over to me while undoing his shirt and climbed on . . . Won't go into details . . . About ten mins later i climb on top and start riding him Hard and Fast !!! I had my head back . . Eyes closed - Enjoying the moment XD. . . When suddenly i dont hear him moan any more . . And he has stopped moving !!!! So i jump up take his pulse and nothing ( Whether im doing it right, Who knows XD)!!!! I shout his name over and over . . At this point tears are streaming now my face !!! Then i remember he told me ages ago that he had minor heart problems so i run to my phone call an Ambulance and sit next to him crying and waiting. . . . . . . He gets taken to the hospital. . . I Follow in my car, Once in the hospital they ask me all sorts of horrible question like Any drugs, booze etc. . Im like hell no !!! Just sex !!! I told them he had a Heart problem . . Hours i sat in the waiting room In My corset !!!!! But Thank Fook I changed into jeans Before i left !!! By Morning he was fine XD But he did have to explain to all his Family what had happened XD Soooo Embarrassing !!

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