Friday, May 3, 2013


One of the most embarassin moments would have to be.. one night. my ex bf came over and was goin to spend the night.. me excited and couldnt wait for this hot guy whom i started datin.. prepared myself in the maintance dept for the hopes we would do the deed itself.. so after the foreplay.. make out session which was quite hot.. cause boy did this guy know how to kiss.. lol.. i didnt wat was about to happen... all i can remember was . as we were in the act itself.. i didnt remember much.. cause when i woke up. it was daylight.. i was in bed. he was on the couch fully dressed.. and wouldnt utter a word to me.. I guess his slow gentle moves.. didnt it cut it that night. cause int eh middle of intercourse.. I FELL ASLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ! lmao ahhaha.. i felt so bad.. like who falls asleep in the middle of sex? lol.. he never called me the next day.. and i think that was the last time. him and i ever attempted to have a night of hot rondez - vous .. but he did knwo how to put a girl to sleep.. ehhe -------AVM.

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