Monday, May 6, 2013

Lube Up!

Ok so bit of a gruesome story here, was down in a small town near Glasgow for over a week with my fiancee (then GF) staying with friends while we were there and didn't really get much privacy. So genius me says i was gonna take a shower and she supposedly had a headache and going to lay down but in reality she slips into the bathroom and we lock the door, intent on just having some time together on the floor.

Long story short, i was a lot more exited about the situation than she was as she was dry as a bone but due to my inexperience at the time tried to go in anyways which resulted in a nice 1.5cm tear along the shaft of my penis.

is an understatement and ended up having to get a stitch to close it properly and the surgeon didn't even give time for the anesthetic to kick in either

Regardless to say since then it's either wait til she's dripping or lube up bloody good!!

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