Friday, May 3, 2013

Common Problem

"So I've never told anyone this story because it was really embarrassing but here it goes... So a few years back an old friend and I reconnected. Now before we stopped talking there was alot of sexual tension between us that we never acted on. So being that things had changed and we were both available now, we decided to attempt to rekindle old flames. So we hung out like old times sake and had a nice time. Just when we were about to part ways things started to heat up. Now he drove a pretty nice size truck so we stayed in the vehicle. One thing led to another and I began to ride him, it was so hot and heavy after we both came together I could just feel how wet I'd gotten and that he was soaked. So we got dressed said out goodbyes and that was that. When I got home to take a shower my panties and thighs were covered in blood. It seems at the very second I received a call he said when he'd got in his boxers and legs were soaked and he was pissed. I was embarrassed and apologized because it wasn't due to come on. And yeah we've never spoken since that night. "

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