Sunday, April 21, 2013

This is just awkward :P

OK so this just happened the other night. I had finally got my daughter to bed and my husband was at work, before I got in the shower I decided to play with my "toy". So like half way into it the batteries went DEAD. So I did what any other person would do. Went to get new batteries. I made it down stairs to the kitchen and began to search for new batteries. When all of a sudden the front door opens. And there I was standing butt ass naked, in my kitchen, with a blue vibrator in my hand in front of my husband and 3... that's right 3 of his buddy's from work. I was mortified! Frozen from shock and embarrassment, my face blood red. As soon as they made it to thru the house and into the garage I booked it upstairs and stayed there until they were gone. The worst part is one of the guys comes over everyday for dinner.

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