Sunday, April 14, 2013

Strict Parents!

Alright so I have this ex and we used to go out to his caravan to 'watch movies ' corny I know but hay his parents were like 'omg don't touch her or you'll go to hell ' type strict and would actually lecture us everytime we kissed or hugged ( thank god they were also naive sons of bitches)
Anyway we were doing our usual thing, we used to like some soft core kinky shit, blindfolds and handcuffs with some aphrodisiac foods like whipped cream and strawberries...we were really getting into it, he was laying on top on me licking whipped cream off my nipples then sucking them lightly, just to tease me. I was getting really horny so I rolled on top and started to ride him, he was groaning and yelling making quiet a racket. Next minute We'd both just finished and his bloody dad burst down the down, waving a screwdriver...when he saw us he burst out laughing, apparently the whole caravan was shaking and with all the screaming he thought we were getting attacked! Just to add to the embarrassment his mum peeked through and said ' god it smells like sex in here'
safe to say we broke up after that but are still mates...his mum still can't look me in the eye

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