Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shocking Towel

My boss and I had an affair at work. We couldnt get enough of each other and had sex every chance we got. Store open and awaiting customers, didnt matter. One day we were going at it and made quite a mess and a customer came in so we quickly got redressed and hurrird out to the sales floor. After selling our customer what was needed I was laughing at the mess we had made, a little bit of his strange a little bit of mine. He tossed me a towel and said "use this". I hid the towel in the bathroom to take home and wash it. Needless to say I forgot to take it home and when I came into work the next day my coworker had the towel ON HIS HEAD. He said he was running late and he had washed his hair in the sink at work! I busted out laughing and couldn't look him in the face. When my boss came around the corner he busted out laughing as well. Our coworker didn't find the humor in the fact that he was wearing his bosses strange. He didnt believe what we had said when we basically openly admitted to an affair.Till this day I can't stop laughing whenever I think about it.

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