Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sex in the open

I was at my boyfriends house,well boyfriends dads house, I went over there to watch a couple movies and cuddle, you know , girly kinds of things. We were both cuddled up on his couch watching the Disney movie tangled, well he started getting a little touchy feely, so I was like what the hell his dad is in bed. So I went along with it, and things started to really heat up, I was wearing jeans with a belt, so he un did my belt and pants and pulled my pants down just enough to do work down there. He was wearing basketball shorts so it was easy for him to just whip it out. So we are in the spooning position just going at it and I look up and his dad is walking into the kitchen, we both just freeze, my boyfriend asked his dad what he was doing awake , his dad couldn't sleep, then his dad noticed we were watching tangled and he decided to sit down on the chair right next to us an watch couple minutes of it, well couple minutes turned into the entire movie. And the whole time my boyfriend was still inside me. We still laugh about it till this day.

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