Friday, April 26, 2013

Sad Attraction :(

I'm friends with this guy and he and I have always had this unusual sexual attraction toward each other. We never acted upon said attraction though. 
One day, we were talking about our odd desires and I told him a few different things; but he specifically focused on my desire for some type of mark on my skin. I said that I wanted a hickey. I never got one before, so why not?
When I told him I wanted that, he said he would be the one to give it to me. I agreed that he could.
A few weeks ago, we were talking and I told him I wanted to meet up with him. I met him at this park by his house because his family was home and I wouldn't do anything knowing they were there.
When he got in my car, he immediately leaned over and kissed me. It was a pretty good kiss... but his breath was BAD. While he was kissing me, he started lifting up my shirt and squeezing my breast. After a few seconds, he slid his hand down into my pants. I told him that he could finger me because he told me that he could make me come quickly. So he put his hand down there and starts to stroke me. I told him to do something else because it wasn't doing much for me. He moved over a little while he started to suck on my breast. I thought it would feel really good, so I was excited about it... but I could barely feel it because I was too distracted over what was happening down low... He was getting really rough; but not in a good way. I told him that I would do it to help him out. I tried to take over and he pushed my hand out of the way!
So when it was all over, it took over 30 minutes till I finally came... not quickly like he bragged. I smelled his breath on my lips and even my boobs, so that was nasty.
The hickey lasted almost 2 weeks too... Every time I took my shirt off, I had to look at the terrible reminder of the bad decision I made.
Not gonna happen again.

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