Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roommates Suck!

So when I was living in the dorms, I shared a room with another girl. I was single and ready to mingle, so I hooked up with an old flame. Super hot frat boy! I made sure my room mate was going to be gone at a study group for the next three hours, and I asked for some "personal time". So I snuck him in and we started the foreplay. All of our clothes were off and the condom was out. Suddenly we heard the lock, and I hide him under the pillows and blankets, and cover myself up. I played off that I was in the middle of dressing, and she proceeded to have a conversation with me obviously NAKED, but no clue there was a sexy naked man in my bed. Twenty minutes later, she used the bathroom and we kinda dress, but she is too fast, so he has to hide again! At this point, he wasn't breathing so well under my fuzzy comforter. It took her 45 minutes to leave, and she never knew! I kicked him out because the mood was ruined, and never tried to sleep with him again (we got caught our first try to sleep together too!)

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