Sunday, April 14, 2013

Proposing while giving head? Something new!

Keep anonymous... This is more embarrassing for the guy I was hanging out with this guy for a few weeks and we started messing around. We then got into the sex but I didn't want him to cum inside me so I said I would suck him off. I started sucking his d**k for a minute and he was about to cum. While he was getting off he said "oh my god, I want to marry you! You aren't going anywhere!" I had no idea what to say after that so it was really awkward. I was embarrassed for him most of all. After the clean up he said "that was some wifey s**t". Since I just started talking to this guy a few weeks before this it really put me off. I only sucked his d**k one time after that because I was afraid of his reaction lol.

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