Saturday, April 13, 2013

Playground Fun

Last year I got talking to this man, our kids were friends, he's quite a bit older than me, but he was canny enough. After a while he invited me round for a cuppa, so I went and he was telling me how he liked me ect, next thing you know we go to kiss. Well all I could see were these teeth coming at me and then his lips round my chin and on my nose. He said he has only ever been with one person before, but that and the kiss didn't put me off, he took me to his bed. A single bed!! We get undressed, he gets on top and no word of a lie, after going in and out 2 times, he stops and kisses me, then in another 2 times, kisses. And this carries on for a while. Obviously he was doing it to stop him cumming so quick. So I thought, right, I will play with myself while he is in me, as it usually feels really good that way and I need some pleasure. So I put my hand down there, he looks and gets embarrassed and starts giggling. After half an hour of this, he finally finishes. Safe to say i never went back again, and try avoid him when we collect our kids from school. And I did get a message telling me it was the best he ever had. Pity I couldn't say the same ..

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