Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going like Rabbits!

Okay well when I was in high school, I had been dating a guy, he was my first and after that first time, we were like rabbits. Any and everywhere. One day my house was really crowded with family so we decided to take a walk to get away (which also included finding a place to do it). There was a woods behind my house and a cut through it that no one even used anymore, we had gone there a couple times for a quickie before so we decided to do that. We walked off to a little place you couldn't see from the road or the cut through and laid his jacket on the ground. For some reason, that day he had convinced me to get completely naked except for my hoodie. So I was on the bottom, nothing but an unzipped hoodie on and he tells me to switch to doggie style, we transitioned so fast that the hoodie lifted up, pretty much covering nothing but my arms, but heat of the moment, I didn't really care. I'm about to finish when I hear "oh my gosh look at that!" Abruptly my bf stops and I look over to see 2 boys, maybe about 7 or 8 years old, standing next to their bikes that apparently they were walking through the woods as a shortcut to the road. My bf and I sit there frozen for a second, he's still behind me, my boobs are hanging out in plain view then he just jumps in front of me while I scramble to get my clothes on and the boys speed off on their bikes. I got dressed really fast and we decided to go back to my house, thoroughly embarrassed, we get to the road and have to pass the same kids who just caught us in the act as they ride by us giggling.

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