Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gay Guys have a Prank

About 4 years ago I met this guy on Myspace when it was popping, we talked for about a month and decided we we'd hook up. I have a car so he gave me directions and I head over. As I'm pulling up this car is leaving and I see its a guy, don't think nothing of it.. He comes out and takes me inside and his brothers and one of their friends is sitting there and he introduces me and they're laughing hysterically at me. So I'm just like whatever. He takes me to his mom n dads room and shuts the door n tells me they're out of town. So clothes come off and I'm giving him head and it tastes like he had cum on his dick?? AND it smells and tastes like shit so I start gagging and he's all proud like 'yeah, you like that big dick huh'. So I pretended to choke just so I could get it out of my mouth. We hit the bed and start fucking, after awhile he's said he wants to nut and tells me to bend over and I'm thinking he's gonna blow his load on my ass and he tries to put it in my butt, now keep in mind I cannot handle it in my butt so I freak out and he just rides me doggy style and pulls out to bust. He finishes and heads to the bathroom and while he's in there his phone was on the stand next to where I was getting dressed so I look at it and it says 8 missed calls and the name says 'Shane ♥' ,.. Again I didn't think anything of it.. He comes out and call's 'Shane ♥' back and says 'oh I'm not home yet, just go to my house n tell my brothers you're there to see me and you'll wait in my room'
Then he turns to me and says 'um stay in here and be quiet! Ima go jump the fence and walk around like I just got here.' Then he calls his brothers in and tells them the 'plan' and tells em to walk me out when he goes in the room with them. ..Now I'm like ok wtf is going on?! So I stay in the room and his older brother stays in there with me while he's hopping the fence and out of nowhere starts laughing? I asked him what was so funny and this guy can seriously not stop laughing! He caught his breathe and says "so what's it like tasting another guys asshole?"
I gave him a wide eyed look and asked "WHAT?!"
Then he says "Dude, you just hooked up with a flamer!" I'd never heard that word before so I ask what's a 'flamer'??
 He says "He's fuckin gay!! He just fucked another guys ass before you got here and the one that's coming now, he's probably gonna fuck him to!!' Embarrassing! His brothers knew what I was there for and they just let it happen! Now I have nothing against gay people! I love em! :) but disgusting that I had the taste of ones ass in my mouth that night!

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