Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fire's Suck!

Okay so the most embarrassing sex story for me was with my current fiance. Well we live in a shelter at the time and we were just finished getting super high so we got a little horny. It was around 8. When you're high you get paranoid like a bitch. So we started fucking with no hesitation. All of our clothes are off and my man is on top just sliding in next thing you know we here a big BANG AND SCREAM SAYING FIRE. My fiance jumps out of me so fast grabs my 4 month old sleeping son leaves me on the bed naked. He's running out the door naked covering his penis with his effing hand ... when he gets down stairs our room mates start dieing of laughter . They set the whole shit up . So now everyone knows how big my fiance's dick is and how loud the baby can cry when being woken up . Lol I was so pissed that he left me to die. I will never let him live it down I swear I won't

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