Sunday, April 14, 2013

Double Bham!

Last night i was hanging out with my boyfriend and a friend of his, That i had just met!! We had been drinking and decided to go back to my place, When we got back to my place the three of us were just sitting on my bed. Im drunk and really horny so i start rubbing my boyfriends crotch with my foot, (he has a foot fetish). He tells his friend to go sit in his truck while we do out thing. After about 15 minutes of me riding him, he says hes not wearing a condom anymore! So i put a finger inside me and pull the condom out,,, and i kinda just hand it to him. . That in itself is embarrassing. BUT it gets worse. I didn't know where it ended up and i didn't care and we just kept going at it. This morning, my boyfriend and his friend come over. Well, his friend goes to get a soda out of the mini fridge that's at the end of my bed and apparently that's where the condom had ended up.

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