Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cops Suck

This is more awkward then embarrassing really 
So my "friend" had picked me up to go back to his, on the drive we messed around a little with each other n I was ready to go as soon as we pull up unfortunately as we pull up all I see is blue flashing lights and I look round and its an unmarked police car! So he tells me to stay in the car while he gets out n talks to them n locks me in. He comes back n tells me that they thought his car was stolen then he say just go to the front door when he says, a few minuets later I get a text saying "now" so I go in it must of been a real turn on for him because we didn't even make it to his room after that he took me from behind on the stairs. i felt slightly bad for him that he had to talk to the cops with a hard on n I was sat in the car but it was a bit of a thrill really

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