Saturday, April 13, 2013

College Fun

It was my 1st semester in college, which was out of state. Well this guy from my hometown went there too, we weren't best buds or anything but he had a truck and I didn't. He mentioned he was going home for the weekend if I wanted to go, so I jumped on.

It just so happened to be my brothers birthday weekend so we was gonna throw a huge party! so he was there bc they were buddies. We were all drinking and having a great time, everyone was wanting to leave bc it was gettin really he asked me if I wanted to cruise with him. So I went...well we had to take someone home who lived in the country...we were talking and he was like "wow I never knew how beautiful you really were in high school..." So we pull over start makin out, jump in the bed of his truck, have the most uncomfortable sex I've ever had my entire life simply bc I had a tire rod under my back...then we move back to the cab of his truck...when we were done...we couldn't find the condom...we figured it fell outside, so he takes me home and we discuss what time were leaving tomorrow...he goes home.

 The next day, he picks me up and says hey I'm sorry about last night, it was a line I shouldn't have crossed bc your brother is my friend...I reply back to him it's all good, I was just looking for a piece of ass too! We laugh it off and he gets a phone call from his roommate and says yeah ill be right there...we pick up his roommate and head back to college. I'm driving of course because he's too hung over. We're about to cross the state line and I'm looking for my cell phone squirming all over because I can't find it...

 His roommate sticks his hands but the seat of the single cab truck and says I found something gooey! And realizes what it was..IT'S THE LOST CONDOM!!! He slung it across the windshield, and it's full of cum...we have no where to pull over for miles because were on the turnpike... The guy and I can't help but just laugh!!!!

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