Saturday, April 13, 2013

Check your tent!

a few years back me and my boyfriend at the time decided to go camping with his friends, we were using the tent he used for night fishing. we wait for everyone to settle down then we started getting down to it, he stripped to his boxers then stripped me down to my underwear, we're kissing and groping, getting in to it when i got a sharp pain in my leg so i told him to stop as i couldn't pull my leg off the sleeping bag, he had a look with my phone light then freaks out saying he thinks i've got a fish hook in my leg but wasn't sure as he couldnt see. then he shouts his mate asking for a torch and his multi tool. his mate then barges in the tent with the torch shining on me, i'm there in all my glory, i couldn't even cover myself up with anything as the sleeping bag was stuck to my leg and my clothes were no where to be seen.

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