Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cheating Fun!!

Several years ago, I was supposed to meet my girlfriend in a pub, for my birthday. She couldn't get away from university, so I thought, what the hell, I'll still go out. Anyway, I bumped into a lass from my school days ago I'd always had a thing for. I was feeling neglected and she was also having a bad night having been stood up herself, so we had a drink then, after lots of flirting and touching, decided to go back to mine. Now I lived out of town so needed the last train home. We got on, and seeing the carriages almost empty decided to get started there and then. Now I have a thing for public fun so I was really enjoying my birthday. However the conductor came down the train, just as I was coming inside this lass. Needless to say we got thrown off, and had to walk the rest of the way home. She was mortified, but she did let me fuck her all over again at mine, and this time let me film her. It didn't put her off, she came back several times, and once we actually managed to finish on the train after leaving the club.
My girlfriend did treat me to an amazing belated birthday blowjob because she felt guilty for missing my birthday, if only she knew, it had been very memorable indeed."

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