Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bad Luck!!

when i was 17 i guess, my friend and i were hanging out with this chick. we were smoking, doing drugs and i told my friend to see if this chick wants to have sex with us. he being too scared made me ask. without much thought, she says yes. so i lay down ground rules (no kissing once a dick is in your mouth, dont cum in her, etc.). right as we are about to get going she said she didn't want to do anything with me since i had a girlfriend; of course i was pissed but went to the other room. my friend comes in minutes later to say she changed her mind. i hop on over and do my thing. when i pulled out to cum, some must have gotten on her. as she turns around to take more dick my friend stuck his hands in it!! BOTH HANDS! after wiping his hands, we hear a car horn. it was her mom to pick her up, my friend never even got to have sex with her! poor guy lost all the way around

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