Friday, March 8, 2013

Squirting Problems

I was seeing a girl about a year ago and we had sex a couple times previous but this time was different. The night started off at a party where we were all playing beer pong and flip cup and I have been talking to this girl for a while and neither one of us are sober enough to drive back to my old place. My friend sets us up in his spare bedroom with this black futon. As soon as peoplestart to take off we sneak away into the room and we start going at it. This girl was fun to have sex with, and this time was no different. We start off in missionary and then switch it up to reverse cowgirl. After a while in this position she turns back to tell me "I have something to tell you" Of course i'm thinking something like I love you is going to come out....NOPE WAAAAAY DIFFERENT....She whispers softly to me "I am a squirter" and at the exact moment SPLLLIIISSSHHHH SPLAAASSSHHHHH all over the place. You could hear the whatever it was hitting the walls. It was like a broken water pipe. When she finally finished, we went to take a shower and fell asleep on the floor, because the futon was trashed with smelly wetness. Woke up the next day and the black futon looks like a reverse colored dalmatian. And it smells like straight up pee. My friends all thought she just wanted a reason to pee all over me, which could be because that was the only time she "squirted". I have no shame so it's just funny memories for me but to this day my friends and I have no idea if she really was a squirter or if I just got pee'd on!

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