Friday, March 8, 2013

Sex Tapes!!!

Alright so back when me and my wife were in highschool when we first started dating, she decided to spend the night at my house. Well one night I was just really in the mood so things start heating up and she said that she always wanted to try recording us having sex so we did. Well once we were ready I bent her over and and just before I put it in her mom calls and we were 16 at the time so she had to answer. Well I was just wanted her so bad I couldn't take it. So here's my gf bent over naked in front of me but she's talking to her mom trying to hurry up and get off the phone so I decide to stick it in while she was on the phone and keep going and she's trying so hard to sound normal on the phone. So she gets off and we finish up so we decide to go down stairs to get a bite to eat leaving the camera on the side table next to my bed. Well my uncle borrowed it for a few to put something on CL. Well 2 seconds later I hear my uncle yell WTF! And we both run up stairs and my uncle says next time tell me there's something on here and my gf turned bright red and cried because she was so embarrassed. My uncle still gives me shit for it till this day.

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