Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seriously Embarrassing!!

So my girlfriend and I enjoy doing random things in bed. Well we had broken up at one point for a day and decided to not end our relationship over something stupid. We agreed to not have sex until our trust in each other was back to what it had been. So we went to dinner a week later, and then ice skating. It was the day before she was supposed to go to college again so I wanted her night to be perfect. When we got back to my place, she decided to kick my roommate out of the house. Now I'm very oblivious when it comes to anything that has to deal with sex. But she made it clear that she wanted to have a little more intimate fun. She pushed me onto my bed and started kissing my stomach, and up my chest.she pulled my pants off and began giving me head, it felt amazing, and when she lifted her head I shot my load all over her shirt and neck. She freaked, and pulled her shirt off. She pulled her panties off and hiked up her skirt, and jumped onto me, she started riding me like shed never done before, and I started spanking her ass. Now in my unfortunate lust, I went to spank her just as she was going up, I missed her completely and smacked myself in the testicles. I screamed in pain and she jumped off of me. She put her shirt on and shouted when her shirt, now inside out smeared my cum over her face. She creaked about getting cum in her eye, and my other roommate busted in my door, claiming he'd heard yelling, he stared there for a second before turning around and walking away. To this day, my gf can't look at my roommate  and I no longer spank her if she's on top 

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