Monday, March 11, 2013

School Scare's away kids!

So it was over the summer and me, my girlfriend at the time (now ex), my best friend and his gf, and my other best friend were hanging around the neighborhood because we were bored and some had been drinking. My ex and I lost our virginity to each other and she always got horny when drinking. We always used to find places to do it like my car, park etc. Well we found this park by my old grade school, and my ex who was horny and been drinking wanted some. So we went at the top by the slide while my friends were hanging around. It had rained earlier also. So we have sex and I finish and we still have most of our clothes on. All of a sudden an alarm goes off at the school for no reason. My ex got so scared I got pushed off and fell down the wet slide with my pants and underwear off and you could hear my ass screech down the slide. My friends died laughing as I ran out of there thinking cops were coming and they got me screaming on video. Funny thing is its just a routine alarm that goes off at midnight and I never found the condom. Hope no kids found it!

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