Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretty Embarrassing!!

One day my ex wife and I was chilling at home with the kids getting to watch a movie and dinner with the kids so as we was getting ready for the evening I heard a knock on the door it was her brother so I let him in he ask me could he stay night I said it was cool his sister didn't mind so we went about the evening so we had dinner and watch the movie then after that we got the kids ready for bed and put them in it we kiss them good night then I tell to brother in-law we go in the room ex wife had me by the hand and we went into the room so I turn some jams on but not to loud don't want to wake the kids then I close the door and we got in some sleep wear and start about what I lovely even we was having so then she looks at me with a smile on her face and kisses me and start taking my pants off next thing I know we in bed doing 69 so we hear the door swing open we didn't have time to cover up we look at door he starts to close the door she stop him and said sense you open the door and seen what we was doing what you want he wanted to ask can I have some cookies she said yes and he close the door after that I wanted to stop but she didn't so she got me back in the mood and finish up and fell asleep more. I  selfed lock the door next time after that night! me and him didn't talk for a month how Embarrassing

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