Friday, March 22, 2013

New House Problems!

So my ex and I are trying to work things out and I usually go to his house. So last week when I was at his house we were doing the usual thing. Chill, talk and cuddle. So my mum isn't too far away from picking me up because I missed the bus home. We made our way to his room and cuddled for a while before he started kissing me and then not long after he went down on me. As always I went down on him too and then we started to have sex. So we're getting really in to it and i look to my side and see that my mum has pulled up and that the blinds are wide open!! freaking out i jumped off the bed, we ended up finishing in doggy style in the corner of his room so she wouldn't see. When i get into the car i turned to my mum and said it was a pretty house wasn't it (this was the first time she had seen his new house) and she turned to me and said after what she saw in the window she didn't have a chance to take a good look. the rest of the car trip was in silence

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