Friday, March 22, 2013

Know the Size properly!!

When i was a freshman in high school i had this HUGE crush on a senior at my school. He was so big and strong and always gave me so much attention(when no one else was around) me being this stupid naïve girl i mistook that for "love" and decided i wanted to have sex with him. Well after MONTHS of foreplay i finally gave in and told him I was ready to give it a try. We were kissing and touching and everything was going right than the power shut off and we couldn't see hardly anything. We stopped for a moment but shrugged it off and started shedding clothes i had my hands on his back and began to slide them down his body to give him a hand job. I was surprised to find the smallest penis I have ever imagined literally it was the size of a roll of nickels length and width! That wasn't the hilarious part though; after I grabbed it for the first time and felt his size he said and i quote, "yeah baby I know Im soooooo big right? You think you can handle my huge cock?" It took everything in me to not die laughing and i was so thank full that the power was out so he couldn't see my face.
At that moment my mom started calling me so i answered silently blessing her for saving me from this stupid jock who really thought he had a huge package. She told me to come home because she didn't want me out riding around with my friends if the power was out in town. The guy used to text me for months asking when i was going to take his big cock lol i just didn't have the heart to shatter his illusion hahaha.

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