Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keep A dustbin Near by!!

When my now baby daddy barely started going out we where horn dogs we would take any opportunity we got to sex. Well we had the house to our self cause my older sister stepped out to get lunch so anyway we start to make out on the couch, so things got heated so he busts out his penis and pulls down my pants just enough , we start having sex doggy style. All of a sudden we hear a car pull in the drive way, I run to the bathroom to pull up my pants , I hear my sister through the door talking to my bd so trying to be slick I flush to toilet and wash my hands. I come out and we start to eat and watch tv on the couch . When we finished eating we picked after our selfs threw away trash an such so we all start to converse and my sister yells wtf and says dude there's a condom by the couch I was soo embarrassed but we tryed playing it of and saying it was probably a house mates so she go a napkin picked it up and threw it way I kept looking at my bd like wtf. When he was leaving he explain that he didn't have time to do anything with the condom so he just put his pants on with the condom on. And he said as the boner was going down the condom was still there but he didn't feel it fall. I think my sis knew what was going on but we never ever talked about it

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