Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Awkward!!

So me and my husband (newly weds) went to visit my hubby's brother and his wife. We knocked on the door and there was no answer so we rang them to ask if they would be be back soon, cos we could wait for them. They said they would be about 30mins. While we were waiting me and hubby started kissing, heavy, fast, tongues. He pushes me against the front door and starts playing with me. Next minute the heavens open and it starts throwing it down with rain so we decide to finish off in the car. I get a bit carried away and start goin down on him in the car really gettin in to it, head bobbin up and down fast. My hubby shoots in my mouth and I open the window to spit. The second I spit his load out his brothers car pulls in to the drive! His wife gets out the car and doesn't seem to notice what I just did but as she comes over to say hi and I winde down my window she stands right in my husbands jizz and she is wearing flip flops!! She is stood there for ages chatting to us she standing in his jizz! Couldn't look at her all day after that without laughing to myself

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