Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fat Lip Problem!!

Ok, so my now Ex, girlfriend and I were watching a film in bed, it was quit late. And so one thing lead to another and we got down to business! Now we had really great sex! But this one was so awkward! So we started with oral, and then she got on top. And after about 20 mins i needed to change position. So i got on top, and I'm going really fast! And i can feel I'm going to cum, so i just started going faster and harder... And she was about to cum too. And she was moaning like crazy, she told me told me to go harder! So I'm banging the hell out off her, and all off a sudden just as I'm about to blow! My bed snaps off the headboard, so the bed goes down at at a 45 degree angle, and i headbutted her forehead. Witch made my bottom lip explode! Blood goes every were and all at the exact same time i cumed... That was the most strangest orgasm i have ever had. And was really awkward when people asked me why i had a fat lip

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