Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dont use your mom's bed!!

Ok so me and my current boyfriend decided to skip school one day to have some "fun" at my house. We left school at lunch time and went to my house. We never had sex in an empty house, usually someone was home and we'd have to keep quiet, which sucked because I couldn't moan or get rough. Anyway this time we had the whole house to ourselves and wanted to get a lil freaky ;) so as we're making out in my livingroom, we slowly started getting up to head to my bedroom. On the way there I suggested that we should do it in my moms room since her bed was comfortable. So we get to her room & get completely naked. We start going at it pretty rough and I figured I could moan & make sexy sounds to make it hotter since I could never be loud during sex. So we're there going at it moaning, screaming, huffing, puffing, like we never did before.. All of a sudden i hear a knock on the door and my name is being called in a familiar voice. Laughing my MOM says "what are you guys doing?!" My boyfriend literally hopped off me butt naked and I rolled off the bed and fell on the floor hitting my head on a dresser BUTT NAKED! My boyfriend looks so scared but laughs at me when he saw me layed out on the floor. I never changed so fast in my life! Then my mom says, from outside the door, "you better wash my sheets!" My bf and I walked out to her busting up laughing saying she came in hearing sex sounds and her bed squeaking. So I had to wash her sheets and 5 years later we all still laugh about that embarrassing day when me and my hubby we're horny high school kids

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