Friday, March 22, 2013

Dont use another persons jacket!!

Well... When I was back in high school I had a serious thing for this senior. I was a sophomore and we were just good friends at the time but always had that flirt vibe between us... Eventually we both got to the point of where we just wanted to fuck. Haha so anyway we were walking to school one morning and decided hey.. let's go to the baseball field where the Doug out was completely covered ... He Layed down his jacket since it was around 6.45am. And well we got right too it. When I first saw his d*ck I was like wow... He is big. Very intimidating.. so we continued and he put it in slowly. This was the biggest I've had at that point and well everything went smoothly.. after we were finished I got up and realized I had blood... Everywhere! I was so embarrassed. And he was so nice about it. Well good thing I had a the normal "woman things " in my backpack and cleaned myself up accordingly... Later in the day out friend was complaining that she was cold... And goes inside of this guys backpack at our passing and took his jacket. Which had dry blood on it since that was what we had sex on.. he tried to get it back and she just walked off. The whole day this poor girl walked around school wearing this jacket haha.. I felt so bad I wanted to tell her but we wanted our business kept private. To this day she still doesn't know.

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