Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dont try new angles!!

Back when my wife and I were dating she was living with me and one night we was at the house and I just got out of the shower. She was in the living room watching tv on the couch. I thought Id go be silly and walk in the living room with the towel around me and walk up infront of her and drop it waving my thing infront of her. Well being the awesome gf she was she started giving me a BJ. Well after a couple minutes I thought enough of this I want some booty and we headed for the bedroom. Once the deed was done I walk into the bathroom to grab a towel and clean up. I hit the light switch and look down at my dick and start to freak out. It looked like a murder scene with blood all over me. I thought I KNOW it aint that time of the month and I yelled back into the bedroom asking her if it was, she said no. I say well my junk is covered in blood. I reach down and grab my dick and right at the tip just started gushing out blood. I thought WTF how did this happen then it hit me. When I was getting a BJ she was sitting at kind of an ackward angle and when my thing came outta her mouth her tooth just got the tip but i didnt feel it when it happened. Needless to say I wasnt the only one covered in blood. Nastiest shit ever happen to me

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