Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dont Skinny Dip

When i was younger, and I was still living at home, my boyfriend was coming over for the afternoon. Mum and Dad were both at work and weren't meant to come home until later that night. So where our pool is you can't see who is in the driveway but you can see when a car is there by the shadows through the fence (and you can hear the car). Any way, I decided to be naughty and go skinny dipping waiting for him to get there, I even left a note inside (thinking he'd use the hidden key and come in through the front door) saying ''I'm in the pool, come join me ;-)'' any way i'm swimming around waiting for him and my clothes are about 3 meters from the side of the pool just beside the chair and I hear his car pull up and i hear him open the gate and I call out ''I'M IN THE POOL'' and i hear my MUM call back ''OK IM JUST DROPPING THIS OFF CAN YOU TAKE IT'' (So she didn't have to unlock the front door) So she walks through the gate and i'm frantically trying to figure out a way for her to not see me since she will be walking up to the pool fence any second, and i finally have to say ''mum i'm completely naked'' and she goes ''are you serious? why?'' And i had to think quick and tell her i didn't want too get my swimmers wet because my friend had asked me to sleep over that night (she didn't know my boyfriend was coming over!), like i said she was meant to be out late!! I was shaking so much afterwards... I guess i'm lucky she believed me and didn't see the note i left him!!!

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