Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dont hurt my daughter!!

I was a senior in high school and the girL I was dating was my first really serious relationship. She was very pretty kinda short, not fat, but not skinny either. Well we were at her parents house and I was supposed to leave by 9 pm. Her bedroom was in the basement of the house. I got up to leave and she shoved me on the bed and said "oh no you arent going anywhere until you cum in my mouth and all over my face and tits. Now any man who hears that isnt going to say "oh no we better not your mom said I had to leave." So I unzip and she starts sucking my cock. I dont want to brag but Im pretty well endowed but she went at it like a pro. Before going to work she looked up at me with her beautiful big eyes and said "I know I couldnt make you cum before with my head, but Ive been watching ALOT of porn and I wanna try some new stuff." It was fucking HEAVEN. The way she worked her toounge over my shaft and then started riding her vibrator was almost too much. She was moaning and sucking andgrabbing my ass and pulling me deeper into her throat was fantastic. She paused long enough to look up at me smiling and says she wants me to fuck her mouth! Man that night was going great! Now here comes the fun. She had an annoying 12 year old brother that used to try and piss me off on purpose. He was also a spoiled little bastard.Well his bedroom was right above hers and this little fucker rigged up a camcorder and fed it through the heating vents into her room. The vent was right above her bed! Well apparently he was watching his sister suck my dick and then went and told her father I was still there and that we were doing stuff. Her father bursts right into her room right when I was coming and she was saying "Oh yeah baby, Im such a dirty whore cum alllll over me while I shove this vibrator in my ass!" ( She liked anal) It was at that point I opened my eyes to her father reaching for my throat. He never got a hold of me and after we split I ran into him a few years later and said, "Hey hows Jackie? I REALLY miss her!" He turned so red I thought he was gonna stroke out

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