Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dont hold her head down!

About a 2 years ago I was with this guy for about 3 months. We hadn't had sex yet, but we were getting to it. Finally, when we were watching a movie we started making out and it got heavy pretty fast. I was on my period and refused to have sex. He was stuck with a boner and I started to feel obliged to make him cum. After all, I did cause it. He asked me to give him a hand job but I always thought hand jobs were for horny teenagers so I decided to give him head. I'm not very good at it and at the time was inexperienced  At first when I started he loved it, he moaned and placed his hand on my head. The more I got into it, the more he started to it a fistful of my hair. Well my nose started to tickle really bad. I could stop because he was close to cumming. Finally I couldn't help it and stopped to turn away to sneeze. But it was alot more powerful than I thought and he had my hair in a tight gripped, keeping me in place in front of his cock. Long story short, I sneezed all over his dick! To make matters worse, I got my snot on it! It was horrible. i was so embarrassed. He immediately let go off me and was disgusted. 2 days after that we broke up. I still to this day take caution when sucking.

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