Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dont do it in the Shower!!

Me and my boyfriend were hanging out in my apt and as always things get heated. We start having sex in the kitchen, the laundry room, and then the living room. After lying on the carpet in the living room in our body fluids we decide to get up and take a shower, together. We had never had shower sex before with each other nor other sexual partners and thought it would be extremely sexy. We started off bathing each other, that led us to fondling each other, which led up to sex but, we were stuck because he was 6"7 at the time while I'm only 5"7, so "stand up" sex wouldn't work. We tried to sit in the tub but he was too long, so that was out of the question also. He then tried to pick me up but we were both too weak, so that wasn't working. After standing around in the shower thinking, I came up with the idea that I would stand on the sides of the tub, slightly squatted down, and hold on to the shower rod while he entered me from the back. It seemed to be working for awhile until my boyfriend got ready to cum and he started pounding me which made my foot slip, my weight pulled down on the rod and caused it to break and I fell face first on the lid of the toilet. My boyfriend laughed so hard he came. My boyfriend won't let me live it down but lesson learned, I will never have sex with anyone over 6"2, I'm just happy the toilet lid wasn't up.

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