Friday, March 22, 2013

Dog Shit!!

So a while back me and my ex were at in Doggy style. At the time I still lived with my parents and had the worlds creakiest bed, so we decided to move things on to the floor. So things carried on and got pretty rough.... And intense with no boundaries.
Anyway, after another 5 mins or so he came. I turned and started kissing him passionately until a pungent smell wafted up my nose. There's me thinking he's farted (it was a common occurrence....) and he's thinking I've shit myself! We both looked down in the dark and saw a questionable object. Without thinking he grabs it and says "what's that" ... Quickly realises its shit and lobs it at the wall. Runs and turns the light on and to both out horror it was everywhere.
I forgot to mention that at the time I had a new puppy who was still being potty trained. So basically we had banged in my dogs shit. The worst part was where it was so rough the carpet remains eternally stained and my knees were a questionable colour for a while.
I couldn't stop laughing... But the ex was pretty scarred by the whole experience.

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