Saturday, March 30, 2013

Close your Windows!!

me and my boyfriend were at our friends house watching tv and i had been horny all day long and was just to the point i couldnt take it anymore so i told my boyfriend i wanted to go to the bedroom. So me and him go to the back bedroom of our mutual best friends house and start having sex on the bed...about 20 minutes later our friends knock on the door (we ignored them) they heard me moan and quickly said theyd just come back (turns out they had left there wallet and cell phone in the bedroom), and they did about 20 minutes after that they knocked again a little louder this time and were again answered with a loud moan so they left and went back to the living room. Well when we came out after we were finished our friends just stared at us, we had no idea what they were staring at UNTIL they informed us that the cops had just left because of a very LOUD screaming woman....the neighbors had heard me screaming so loud that they called the cops on a noise complaint our friends turned on porn when the cops showed up to make it look like it was them and apologized and said theyd turn it down (in comes the 2nd knock at the bedroom door) this day everytime anyone talks about cop stories with my friends that one is always the first one for someone to shout now called the screamer...

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