Sunday, March 10, 2013

Check your combo!!

so on a sunday i returned from a wild bachelor weekend in atlantic city and i still felt hung over but i wanted to hang out with my girlfriend that sunday night to finish off my weekend. i pick her up and we go get food at five guys burger and i have a big double cheeseburger. after we eat we get into my car and head to a secluded parking lot to do our thing. we in the back seat and i'm putting it down good and she feeling good but suddenly while i was hitting it from the back i started feeling my stomach getting tight, i turn her over to get a more comfortable position but my stomach started bubbling. i pulled out and sat down and a sudden urged to take a dump came down my stomach and i hopped out the car with no pants on and took a diarrhea dump right in the middle of the parking lot. i didn't care how cold it was outside, i'm glad i didn't leak anything in my car. my girlfriend,of over 3 years, was calm, collective and brought out napkins for me,half naked also, to clean up.we didn't even get to finish because i was so embarassed. don't have five guys burgers with a hang over and try to have sex

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