Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seriously Embarrassing!!

So my girlfriend and I enjoy doing random things in bed. Well we had broken up at one point for a day and decided to not end our relationship over something stupid. We agreed to not have sex until our trust in each other was back to what it had been. So we went to dinner a week later, and then ice skating. It was the day before she was supposed to go to college again so I wanted her night to be perfect. When we got back to my place, she decided to kick my roommate out of the house. Now I'm very oblivious when it comes to anything that has to deal with sex. But she made it clear that she wanted to have a little more intimate fun. She pushed me onto my bed and started kissing my stomach, and up my chest.she pulled my pants off and began giving me head, it felt amazing, and when she lifted her head I shot my load all over her shirt and neck. She freaked, and pulled her shirt off. She pulled her panties off and hiked up her skirt, and jumped onto me, she started riding me like shed never done before, and I started spanking her ass. Now in my unfortunate lust, I went to spank her just as she was going up, I missed her completely and smacked myself in the testicles. I screamed in pain and she jumped off of me. She put her shirt on and shouted when her shirt, now inside out smeared my cum over her face. She creaked about getting cum in her eye, and my other roommate busted in my door, claiming he'd heard yelling, he stared there for a second before turning around and walking away. To this day, my gf can't look at my roommate  and I no longer spank her if she's on top 

We were too slow!

This just happened to me last night actually. So my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time at my brother's house. I practically live there. Anyway, my brother's girlfriend also lives with him. At this point in time my brother was at work and my sister in law was at college doing something. The boyfriend and I had just went out to eat for dinner and we come back to find the house empty. So naturally we start making out and things get heavy. My phone rings, so I go and answer it, it's my sister in law asking if we wanted anything to eat. We had just eaten so I tell her no. So I hang up the phone and jump back in with my boyfriend. I hear a little crackling noise and couldn't figure out for the life of me what it was. Turns out it was the door unlocking and my sister walks in. Damn she got there fast! We both pulled the cover over ourselves and she just walks in, with her food, sits down on the living room couch oblivious to what just happened starts eating and watching tv. We sat there naked under that blanket for about an hour until we could manage to put clothes back on without her noticing.

23Hours and 55 Mins!!

My husband woke up in the mood this morning and called me into the bedroom,
I went into the bedroom and could tell that he was horny,
So we started to make out and bam we got into the main attraction.
he slid right in moved in and out about 4 times and came ...
I didn't even have time to feel anything!!!
so afterwards I just had to bust a joke....
so I asked him baby what are we going to do with the other 23 hours and 54 minutes of the day!!
poor guy turned bright red and was pretty embarrassed about his poor performance in bed.
he keeps asking to let him make it up to me but I'm just not in the mood anymore . . I wonder why

Close your Windows!!

me and my boyfriend were at our friends house watching tv and i had been horny all day long and was just to the point i couldnt take it anymore so i told my boyfriend i wanted to go to the bedroom. So me and him go to the back bedroom of our mutual best friends house and start having sex on the bed...about 20 minutes later our friends knock on the door (we ignored them) they heard me moan and quickly said theyd just come back (turns out they had left there wallet and cell phone in the bedroom), and they did about 20 minutes after that they knocked again a little louder this time and were again answered with a loud moan so they left and went back to the living room. Well when we came out after we were finished our friends just stared at us, we had no idea what they were staring at UNTIL they informed us that the cops had just left because of a very LOUD screaming woman....the neighbors had heard me screaming so loud that they called the cops on a noise complaint our friends turned on porn when the cops showed up to make it look like it was them and apologized and said theyd turn it down (in comes the 2nd knock at the bedroom door) this day everytime anyone talks about cop stories with my friends that one is always the first one for someone to shout now called the screamer...


I had been sleeping over my bf house for some months now, and you know those unexpected (sometimes expected)late night/midnight hugs and grabs from behind N caressing, anyways I was very well used to happen to move back home with my sister, we are sharing a bed and right in the middle of the night I unconsciously start grabbing her hands and slowly pulling them towards my body, then suddebly i hear.."what are you doing"? And i wake up i realize I am at home with my sis and was so embarrassed, I had told her "ohh sorry i thought I had something in my leg and I grabbed her hand and point at my leg (theres obviously nothing wrong) she said no and just goes back to sleep!!!! I had a hard time recovering from that!! Lol Im still embarased just to think about it!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

BANANA Story!!

I was a virgin, and at the time, I was VERY serious about waiting till I was married. I met this guy my freshman year in high school. He was a senior! He was absolutely perfect. He respected my wishes. Anyway, one day I decided that I was ready because I had a gut feeling that he was the one. We planned it out for a week, which was perfect because it was the end of the first semester for our high school, so we had the day off! Meanwhile, my sister, who was in middle school, had school. So, he came over around 9 am, and we got right into it. For what ever reasons, still unknown to me to this day, he thought it'd be a good idea if I start on top. Lemme tell you...I was in shock at how big he was. Although I was a virgin, I KNEW his wasn't an average dick. Not just cause he was black. Anyway. He tried to put it in while I was on top, but it just wasn't working. Half an hour later, I told him I'd be right back. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana. I had white sheets, so I was scared of getting blood on my sheets anyway. I went to the bathroom and stuck the banana in my area. It hurt like hell of course. I ran into the room, still holding the banana. I said, "If this shit can fit in me, I think we can force you in!" He gave me the most blank look. On a side note, we are still together 5 years later. He is STILL the one

Dont try new angles!!

Back when my wife and I were dating she was living with me and one night we was at the house and I just got out of the shower. She was in the living room watching tv on the couch. I thought Id go be silly and walk in the living room with the towel around me and walk up infront of her and drop it waving my thing infront of her. Well being the awesome gf she was she started giving me a BJ. Well after a couple minutes I thought enough of this I want some booty and we headed for the bedroom. Once the deed was done I walk into the bathroom to grab a towel and clean up. I hit the light switch and look down at my dick and start to freak out. It looked like a murder scene with blood all over me. I thought I KNOW it aint that time of the month and I yelled back into the bedroom asking her if it was, she said no. I say well my junk is covered in blood. I reach down and grab my dick and right at the tip just started gushing out blood. I thought WTF how did this happen then it hit me. When I was getting a BJ she was sitting at kind of an ackward angle and when my thing came outta her mouth her tooth just got the tip but i didnt feel it when it happened. Needless to say I wasnt the only one covered in blood. Nastiest shit ever happen to me

Dont Skinny Dip

When i was younger, and I was still living at home, my boyfriend was coming over for the afternoon. Mum and Dad were both at work and weren't meant to come home until later that night. So where our pool is you can't see who is in the driveway but you can see when a car is there by the shadows through the fence (and you can hear the car). Any way, I decided to be naughty and go skinny dipping waiting for him to get there, I even left a note inside (thinking he'd use the hidden key and come in through the front door) saying ''I'm in the pool, come join me ;-)'' any way i'm swimming around waiting for him and my clothes are about 3 meters from the side of the pool just beside the chair and I hear his car pull up and i hear him open the gate and I call out ''I'M IN THE POOL'' and i hear my MUM call back ''OK IM JUST DROPPING THIS OFF CAN YOU TAKE IT'' (So she didn't have to unlock the front door) So she walks through the gate and i'm frantically trying to figure out a way for her to not see me since she will be walking up to the pool fence any second, and i finally have to say ''mum i'm completely naked'' and she goes ''are you serious? why?'' And i had to think quick and tell her i didn't want too get my swimmers wet because my friend had asked me to sleep over that night (she didn't know my boyfriend was coming over!), like i said she was meant to be out late!! I was shaking so much afterwards... I guess i'm lucky she believed me and didn't see the note i left him!!!


It was the day before my eighteenth birthday. I was living at home, but my parents had gone out for the evening, so I invited my girlfriend over for a romantic night alone. As we lay in bed after making love, we heard the telephone ring downstairs. I suggested to my girlfriend that I give her a nude piggyback ride to the phone. Since we didn't want to miss the call, we didn't have time to get dressed. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, the lights suddenly came on and a whole crowd of people yelled, "SURPRISE!" My entire family: aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and all my friends Were standing there. My girlfriend and I were frozen embarrassment for What seemed like an eternity. Since then, no one in my family has planned a surprise party again

Keep A dustbin Near by!!

When my now baby daddy barely started going out we where horn dogs we would take any opportunity we got to sex. Well we had the house to our self cause my older sister stepped out to get lunch so anyway we start to make out on the couch, so things got heated so he busts out his penis and pulls down my pants just enough , we start having sex doggy style. All of a sudden we hear a car pull in the drive way, I run to the bathroom to pull up my pants , I hear my sister through the door talking to my bd so trying to be slick I flush to toilet and wash my hands. I come out and we start to eat and watch tv on the couch . When we finished eating we picked after our selfs threw away trash an such so we all start to converse and my sister yells wtf and says dude there's a condom by the couch I was soo embarrassed but we tryed playing it of and saying it was probably a house mates so she go a napkin picked it up and threw it way I kept looking at my bd like wtf. When he was leaving he explain that he didn't have time to do anything with the condom so he just put his pants on with the condom on. And he said as the boner was going down the condom was still there but he didn't feel it fall. I think my sis knew what was going on but we never ever talked about it

Friday, March 22, 2013

New House Problems!

So my ex and I are trying to work things out and I usually go to his house. So last week when I was at his house we were doing the usual thing. Chill, talk and cuddle. So my mum isn't too far away from picking me up because I missed the bus home. We made our way to his room and cuddled for a while before he started kissing me and then not long after he went down on me. As always I went down on him too and then we started to have sex. So we're getting really in to it and i look to my side and see that my mum has pulled up and that the blinds are wide open!! freaking out i jumped off the bed, we ended up finishing in doggy style in the corner of his room so she wouldn't see. When i get into the car i turned to my mum and said it was a pretty house wasn't it (this was the first time she had seen his new house) and she turned to me and said after what she saw in the window she didn't have a chance to take a good look. the rest of the car trip was in silence

Dog Shit!!

So a while back me and my ex were at in Doggy style. At the time I still lived with my parents and had the worlds creakiest bed, so we decided to move things on to the floor. So things carried on and got pretty rough.... And intense with no boundaries.
Anyway, after another 5 mins or so he came. I turned and started kissing him passionately until a pungent smell wafted up my nose. There's me thinking he's farted (it was a common occurrence....) and he's thinking I've shit myself! We both looked down in the dark and saw a questionable object. Without thinking he grabs it and says "what's that" ... Quickly realises its shit and lobs it at the wall. Runs and turns the light on and to both out horror it was everywhere.
I forgot to mention that at the time I had a new puppy who was still being potty trained. So basically we had banged in my dogs shit. The worst part was where it was so rough the carpet remains eternally stained and my knees were a questionable colour for a while.
I couldn't stop laughing... But the ex was pretty scarred by the whole experience.

Dont fall asleep!

One time this guy from work asked me to come go over to his for a party, I got there and it was only me and him. After many glasses of wine we went into his bedroom, we went at it for ages and I fell asleep cause I was so tired. Next thing I remember is waking up at 7 in the morning with 100 missed calls and texts from my mum and dad. They were supposed to pick me up that night, but I never answered. So both of them were knocking on the windows to wake us up. My clothes were all over the room and I was lying there naked with this guy. My Dad was not happy.

Unexpected Answer!!

Me and my fiancé were going at it at my parents house. They were out it was just us two, when he starts to tip me over the edge. I'm quite loud so naturally I'm screaming the house down. We obviously didn't hear the front door go and my parents get in because my dad comes bursting in to see my fiances ass pounding back and forth. We nearly have a heart attack jumping under the sheets to hide ourselves. He starts yelling at us saying he thought I was in trouble blah blah blah. He turns round to my mum who is looking rather angry herself and says "don't you have an opinion about this?!" She then turns round and says "yeh just one. Why can't you do it as well as that?!"

Queef'in Fun!!

So one night me and my boyfriend had just got out the bath and went into the bed room, he threw me on the bed (I like it rough) and started kissing all over my body, he told me to turn around and bend over so I did he then proceeded to lick my p***y and play with it, I was enjoying it loads, so anyway he stops and flips me over and tells me to open my legs so he can keep licking, his face is just above my p***y and as I open my legs I queef'd in his face!, I had never been so mortified in my life and tried to hide, he just get said it happens get over it and carried on licking me out , still with him now but its never happened again thank god!


One day me and an old friend with benefits were hanging out and
well things started getting heated so he drove
us to some woods were a lot of people go mudding
and stuff. Well along the track there were little 
nooks so people could pull in and have some happy
time. Well just as were starting after me teasing
him for awhile two trucks pull in in front of us
so he turns his truck on and shines his brights
at them. We pull off so I offered road head so he
stopped to drop his drawers one last time. he then put
the truck in park, after all was said and done he
hops out the truck and yells back at them dammit
f*k yall. Yall interrupted me getting some head
moons them the pulls his pants up and hops back In.
I was red in the face. At least they were strangers and didn't know who we were lol.

Know the Size properly!!

When i was a freshman in high school i had this HUGE crush on a senior at my school. He was so big and strong and always gave me so much attention(when no one else was around) me being this stupid naïve girl i mistook that for "love" and decided i wanted to have sex with him. Well after MONTHS of foreplay i finally gave in and told him I was ready to give it a try. We were kissing and touching and everything was going right than the power shut off and we couldn't see hardly anything. We stopped for a moment but shrugged it off and started shedding clothes i had my hands on his back and began to slide them down his body to give him a hand job. I was surprised to find the smallest penis I have ever imagined literally it was the size of a roll of nickels length and width! That wasn't the hilarious part though; after I grabbed it for the first time and felt his size he said and i quote, "yeah baby I know Im soooooo big right? You think you can handle my huge cock?" It took everything in me to not die laughing and i was so thank full that the power was out so he couldn't see my face.
At that moment my mom started calling me so i answered silently blessing her for saving me from this stupid jock who really thought he had a huge package. She told me to come home because she didn't want me out riding around with my friends if the power was out in town. The guy used to text me for months asking when i was going to take his big cock lol i just didn't have the heart to shatter his illusion hahaha.


Hey guys! So I was dating my now Ex-Boyfriend and I had just gotten my lip pierced (I had Snakebites) and for about a month it was awkward to be intimate with each other, so one day after not having good sex for awhile we attacked each other! He wanted me to go down on him thinking it would feel really good with my newly acquired lip rings! As I went down on him (wearing open hoop lip rings) I stopped not knowing why, I looked at him and we locked eyes suddenly had realising what had happened, I got the top ball of my lip ring in the top of his dick hole! I freaked out and came up to quickly and accidentally cut that part of his penis! Blood started running everywhere! He screamed and ran to the bathroom with his pants around his ankles! He didn't ask for head for a very long time!

Dont use another persons jacket!!

Well... When I was back in high school I had a serious thing for this senior. I was a sophomore and we were just good friends at the time but always had that flirt vibe between us... Eventually we both got to the point of where we just wanted to fuck. Haha so anyway we were walking to school one morning and decided hey.. let's go to the baseball field where the Doug out was completely covered ... He Layed down his jacket since it was around 6.45am. And well we got right too it. When I first saw his d*ck I was like wow... He is big. Very intimidating.. so we continued and he put it in slowly. This was the biggest I've had at that point and well everything went smoothly.. after we were finished I got up and realized I had blood... Everywhere! I was so embarrassed. And he was so nice about it. Well good thing I had a the normal "woman things " in my backpack and cleaned myself up accordingly... Later in the day out friend was complaining that she was cold... And goes inside of this guys backpack at our passing and took his jacket. Which had dry blood on it since that was what we had sex on.. he tried to get it back and she just walked off. The whole day this poor girl walked around school wearing this jacket haha.. I felt so bad I wanted to tell her but we wanted our business kept private. To this day she still doesn't know.

Check for Hair!!

So me and my boyfriend (at the time) were getting pretty serious and i had never gone down on a guy. My hair was down and i decided to go for it and i went down on him. After awhile he was so pumped he wanted to be inside me before he came in my mouth so after he finishes up we both go into the bathroom and he had to take a leak. He started to wizz and he said it hurt so i asked him if it could be a kidney stone but there was no blood so he looks down at his head and about half of a full strand of my hair (which is about 8 inches) managed some how to get wedged into his penis' hole. I was weak but it hurt him really badly and i wanted round two... He actually said no.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friends trolling!!

One day Me and my mates were talking about different places to have sex with our girlfriends , they suggested a place that I should drive to that's secluded and great for car sex. So I suggested this to my girlfriend (now ex) and she thought we should go there. Anyways we got to this place that my friends suggested and things started getting heated quite quickly, we got in the back of my car, she got on top of me an we started going at it. A while later the car got steamy and we couldn't see a thing outside apart from a car that had pulled up behind us unnoticed, and was flashing their lights. We both stopped and started to get dressed when someone from outside tapped the window! I opened the window slightly to see some bloke standing outside, asking if he could come in and join on the fun!! I told him to bugger off, and sped out of there like lightening!! When I told my friends of then ordeal they then revealed to me that they had sent me to a gay dogging site....... So basically the bloke who asked if he can join in probably thought I was In the car with another guy, definitely not going there again!

House Troubles

this only happened yesterday. i decided to surprise my boyfriend with sex when he came home for lunch. When he walked in the door and saw me half naked in the cutest underwear, he immediately stripped butt naked put on a condom and jumped right on top of me. We were going at it so hard when i hear a car pull up in the driveway and i realise its my dad. My boyfriend freaked and jumped off me and ran to our room to put his clothes back on. Whilst im running around naked trying to clean up the pillows and blankets so it didnt look sus. Then i hear my dad coming up the stairs so i go to piss bolt to the bathroom and just as he knocks and opens the door i trip on my pants and hit my face right on the corner of my couch and all my dad sees is...well me butt naked crying on the the floor with a blood nose. not going to my parents house for a while

Use a flashlight!!

I was recently at a local night club with some friends when I hooked up with this brunette girl.i told the guys I was leaving as she seemed pretty keen on getting the job done,we left the club looking for a cab when she spotted this old building and said you want to do it there pointing to the house..I said yes,within seconds she was on her knees sucking me off after a few mins I started fingering her she started moaning put it we had wild heated sex behind this building.i hopped in a cab shortly after and the cab driver said rough night I said yes you could say that (smiling),then he says must have been when you were fighting,I looked down at my hands to find they were covered in blood she was on her period..never seen her again and it wasnt the only body part that was blood covered....

Lock the door!!

I had been dating a lady for few weeks. I had a family BBQ and swimming party to go to. She had not met my family yet. I invited her along. After eating, everybody took a swim. After a while swimming and seeing her in bikini I was ready to go. We excused ourselves from the party. We went inside to change and things got a little heated. We were in house alone. Master bathroom had door that exited to patio. I had her bent over against door. Just as we got a good rhythm, she leaned pressure on door handle. Door was not locked. Door swung open and we both rolled on to patio. We suddenly had everybody attention. Needless to say she never came to anymore family bbq

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How i met my GF's parents!!

During one of the first nights I slept with my EX Fiancée she orgasmed she then let out a "pain" moan. I then flipped her over to see what was wrong and both of her thumbs where locked in a inward possession and she complained about a great Numbness in the face. At this time I was roughly 19 and didn't know what to do so she requested I take her to the Hospital. At the hospital her parents where called because of a past medical issue and that was how I met the folks, when the doctor explained that the issue was due to the orgasm/sex.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dont change places

When I was 15 I was dating a guy who was my first boyfriend and my first everything. After a year he left me for another girl but we kept seeing each other and meeting up in the early hours of the morning to 'chat' and have sex. (Yes silly me but thinking about it I enjoyed the game) Well we had our usual spot in a wood which was private, though one night we stopped somewhere different, bad mistake. We were at it and the car was starting to steam up, to my shock my dad then pulls up alongside my ex car. He knew it was my ex because of the cars funny reg plate. As my dad tried to look in, I jumped off and tried to hide in the foot well while my ex sped off butt naked... My dad till this day has never mentioned it so I’m hoping that he didn't see it was me!

Old school grand-parents!

So me and this guy I work with was texting for a few week and decided to 'bump' into each other on a night out. Luckily my mate fancied his mate...bonus! So after a few drinks, we couldn't keep our hands off each other and was constantly snogging in the club. After a few hours, we all decided we would go back to his but he somehow managed to get his mate and my mate to go bk to his mates lol we wasn't even in bed 5 mins before we was at it trying to be quiet as he lives with his grandparents! About half way into it, his grandad walks in and turns the light on! All he could say was 'your a disgrace'. He left and we carried on til the early hours lol my mate picked me up later on and went home. We still text now but let's just say he's not allowed any visitors around!

Shower can be a dangerous place!!

Once my husband ( at the time boyfriend) and i decided to take a shower together.. we were all over each other kissing an out of nowhere he just lifted me up to put me against the wall, but he ended up slipping and he fell out the shower pulling the curtains an breaking the rods off the was so loud.. he was living with 3 other guys.. and of course 2 of them came running in not realizing i was in with him (an the door doesn’t lock) and they just stared at us..i had nothing to cover myself up with since my husband had pulled everything down with him..i didn’t know what to do.. and it felt like FOREVER that they stayed in the bathroom.. when they shut the door i helped my husband up and we finished our shower laughing like crazy the whole time..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretty Embarrassing!!

One day my ex wife and I was chilling at home with the kids getting to watch a movie and dinner with the kids so as we was getting ready for the evening I heard a knock on the door it was her brother so I let him in he ask me could he stay night I said it was cool his sister didn't mind so we went about the evening so we had dinner and watch the movie then after that we got the kids ready for bed and put them in it we kiss them good night then I tell to brother in-law we go in the room ex wife had me by the hand and we went into the room so I turn some jams on but not to loud don't want to wake the kids then I close the door and we got in some sleep wear and start about what I lovely even we was having so then she looks at me with a smile on her face and kisses me and start taking my pants off next thing I know we in bed doing 69 so we hear the door swing open we didn't have time to cover up we look at door he starts to close the door she stop him and said sense you open the door and seen what we was doing what you want he wanted to ask can I have some cookies she said yes and he close the door after that I wanted to stop but she didn't so she got me back in the mood and finish up and fell asleep more. I  selfed lock the door next time after that night! me and him didn't talk for a month how Embarrassing

Just Awkward!!

So me and my husband (newly weds) went to visit my hubby's brother and his wife. We knocked on the door and there was no answer so we rang them to ask if they would be be back soon, cos we could wait for them. They said they would be about 30mins. While we were waiting me and hubby started kissing, heavy, fast, tongues. He pushes me against the front door and starts playing with me. Next minute the heavens open and it starts throwing it down with rain so we decide to finish off in the car. I get a bit carried away and start goin down on him in the car really gettin in to it, head bobbin up and down fast. My hubby shoots in my mouth and I open the window to spit. The second I spit his load out his brothers car pulls in to the drive! His wife gets out the car and doesn't seem to notice what I just did but as she comes over to say hi and I winde down my window she stands right in my husbands jizz and she is wearing flip flops!! She is stood there for ages chatting to us she standing in his jizz! Couldn't look at her all day after that without laughing to myself

Pure Badluck!!

when I was with my ex me and his mum hated each other so I wasn't allowed in the house but he snuck me in one day things got a bit heated so he bent me over, his mother then walked in to his room to find me and him at it and she kicked off so we went for a walk near his house and we went down the alley way. He was feeling a bit horny so I started sucking him off in the middle of the alleyway in broad daylight, straight after he spunked in my mouth I stood up to see 2 coppers walking towards us not looking very impressed I tried saying I was tying his shoe lace they didn't believe me and sent me home with a pink slip for incident exposure

Use the Flush Properly!!

I lived at my parents house at the time. My mum and dad left for the morning reminding me and my boyfriend that the gas man was due anytime so not to go out. Me and my boyfriend waiting for about an hour so we thought we would have a quicky! Seeing as we could be as loud as we wanted. Half way through sex there was a knock at the door. And seeing as we were on the stairs my boyfriend ran to the bathroom and I grabbed my dressing gown and opened the door. The gas man done the gas and asked to use the toilet, when he left he game me a rather strange look. Me being me I didn't really take any notice untill my mum came back and went to the bathroom and called me out to tell me our condom was floating in the toilet!

Creppy Old man!

So me and my now ex were walking around town after shopping and she was getting very horny so we went to the top level of a car park and sat down behind a wall and started going at it. She was on top when a car parked next to the wall, the guy in the car just stared at us in shock, I stared back and kept bouncing my ex up and down, eventually the guy in the car started his car up again and drove away. I finished in her mouth and we straightened up our clothes and stood up to find the guy in the car parked at the other side of the car park was still staring at us... awkward

Dont turn the AC on without turning the car on!!

A few years ago I met this guy through a friend and we hung out a few times. One night I was watching a friend's house while they were on vacation (I lived with my parents and so did he because we were still in high school.) Well I took the car keys to my friend's car and drove over to a vacant lot right by his house. We started making out and it turned into us about to have sex. Well I had the air turned on in the car because it was hot but I did not have the car engine on, and as soon as he started to go inside me the car battery died! We freaked out and he didn't want to get in trouble so he said he was going home and for me to just sleep in the car until his dad headed to work the next morning and have him restart it. Well both of our parents being strongly against sex before marriage and me knowing his parents personally I knew his dad would know why I was in a vacant lot by his house seeing as the day before we had asked if we could go to the mall together and they said not by ourselves. Well the guy went home and they lived way back in the woods. It was 3am and I started walking through the woods and came to a gas station about ten minutes away. There was a security guard there for a local boat place and I got a ride with him back to my friend's car where he recharged it for me, all the while me telling him I had parked because I didn't want to drive on the phone! lol....anyway I headed back to my friend's house with their car (that they didn't know I borrowed) and while driving back I realized I had popped the tire on something in the vacant lot. I did get it fixed and put gas in the car and no one knew the difference in the end. Later I told me best friend and he said he would have come picked me up and helped me out and that next time just be careful getting in the car with strangers. He still makes fun of me to this day, but there is a good part to this story :) ....I am engaged and going to marry a wonderful guy soon, and my first time of having sex will be with the man I marry.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why do they call you waterworks?

Me and my friends had gone to another city to go party, and ended up at one of their friend's houses. we played beer pong, took shots, and were having a great time, but i was wanting to smoosh with someone, and there was ONE cute guy there, so we started talking && i told him i wanted to hook up... so we ended up in his room (turns out this was his house we were at) and started messing around, and wow... he was great!... now here's the embarrassing part..when i have amazing orgasms, like he was giving me, i cum ALOT. he noticed this and started to go even harder, this turned him on... after we finish, i fall asleep.
the next morning, i wake up, and to my horror, i find my friends sleeping next to me (guys and girls). when they wake up they proceed to ask me why the whole bed was soaked... after they find out, they proceed to call me "waterworks", etc. for the next couple months

What a silly reason to break up ;/

Well this was about 6 months ago. my girlfriend at the time and I were at my house having dinner with my family which happened often. Anyways my girlfriend always sat next to me and she a had a habit of always rubbing between my legs without anyone noticing except for this one night my mother had just brought a big new glass see through table so we were having dinner and my girlfriend started rubbing me up not realizing it not see though. My whole family stopped eating and just stared at us then I look at my older sister and she just looks down. its then when we realized everyone had seen us and my boner so I got up and walked to my room as my girlfriend followed. Lets just say we broke up and she never came over again. it was the most embarrassing night of my life.

Hide the Vibrator!!

My now ex boyfriend who was also my first love at one point had high sex drives. We were into trying anything new just to keep the bedroom alive. He would always bring home new outfits that he wanted to see me in, so of course, I'd put them on & we would go at it. It was always fun & never a dull moment. One day, I just got home from work, as tired as I was, the look on his face told me one thing, (horny). So I undress out of my work clothes in the bedroom & I see a gift bag on the bed. Inside was a vibrator. I have never in my life used one of these at the time but thought, "what the hell". I took the new vibrator down stairs, layed down on the couch & gave him a peep show with me & my new toy. He of course liked what he saw, quickly undressed himself, & we started going at it on the couch. He started playing with the new toy on me & I'm not going to lie, I LOVED IT, but after awhile, I wanted the real thing. We tossed the toy aside, & he started to f**k me. It was amazing & him watching me before was making him go really really hard (which I really liked). I'm pretty sure him f*****g me put me in a sex coma. He ended up nutting all over me (which I like because I know it turned him on) & we finish, I clean up & we get our clothes back on. Right after, I start doing other things around the house & not even 30 minutes later, my brother knocks on the door. He was best friends with my now ex at the time.He comes in, & he sits on the couch & I sit next to him just randomly conversing. All of a sudden, He hears a vibrating sound. As soon as I notice it, I know exactly what it was. I tried talking over it pretending to not hear what he does. He then ask what that noise is & I completely lied saying I didn't know & I try my best to change the subject. He started digging through the couch as I skwench my eyes shut knowing what he was about to find. & he did. It was turned on by him sitting on the cushion that was on top of the toy. He takes it out, & as soon as he noticed what it was, he immediately put it back in the couch. He looked at me very ashamed & embarrassed.. I about DIED! My BROTHER finding it was the most embarrassing thing in my life & I completely forgot that it was pushed between the cushions during me and my now ex's "heat of passion". For the longest time, we couldn't even look each other in the eyes, I was even humiliated to even call him for the longest time because I was so embarrassed! Things are pretty much back to normal but I still think about that day sometimes when I see him. OMG I think a little of my soul died that day!

Too bad the cop know's me!!

My boyfriend and I just started going out only a couple weeks ago, one night after a long shift I get to his house and I ask him if he wanted to smoke a blunt. He was down but asked if we could go somewhere else because there was alot of people at his house. I didn't live in that city anymore so we decided to smoke in a nearby orchard that he said was a good spot. ( He lived in a town of maybe 20,000 people) Well we got distracted and instead of smoking, we had sex in my car for hours. When we were finlly done we decided to chill in the backseat of my jeep naked. Well about less than ten minutes later we had two city cops pull up behind us. While were scrabbling around the car trying to find our clothes (my bf was naked, I on the other hand only had knee-high raindbow socks on only) The cop shines his light on me totally seeing my titties, telling us to please get dress and get out. Not embarrassing enough getting pulled over with your boyfriend of two weeks having sex in the orchard with knee-high rainbow socks on but when i got out the car the officer addressed me by my last name. He had known me since i was about 13 I am now almost 20 he was the local city cop that knew everybody and there mom

Bad Timing!

So I was reading 50 shades of Grey last night on my Kindle app. This scene was super hot and i was getting kind of turned on. I rolled over from my stomach to look at my fiance and tell him how turned on I am and declare that we should make love. He jumps from shock and his face turns as red as a tomato; clearly surprised and embarrassed. I asked what are you doing? He replied quickly, NOTHING. I finally just said it, "You were Jacking off weren't you." That's right I caught my fiance jacking off next to me because he didn't realize I was reading instead of sleeping lol talk about awkward. Moral of the story guys...GO TO A DIFFERENT ROOM LOL!

Golf Course is never empty!!

My boyfriend and I went to a party at a friend's house a few weeks ago. We both had too many beers, and we both ended up wanting to have some fun... We didn't want to do it at my friends house, so we tried to sneak away... There was a golf course nearby, so we decided to go there... Dumb move, yes. But it was like 2am and we were drunk and horny. Well, we walked to a part of the course about a mile in so no one could see us... Or so we thought... We started going at it, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old man walking his dog about a hundred feet away from us. He didn't do or say anything... He just stared at us. I freaked and kept telling my boyfriend to stop; but he wouldn't. I finally yelled at him that a guy was looking. He freaked too, when he finally looked up and saw the man staring at him. Thankfully, we were still almost completely dressed. I got lucky I was wearing a dress that day. Haha. We ran back to my car, with the man staring at us the whole time. We were absolutely mortified; but still way too turned on to stop, so we finished up in the back seat of my car.

First Impressions go a long way!!

So me and my boyfriend went to a concert and had some drinks and after we met up with some friends at my dads house. We were all drinking an talking and then me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to have sex outside. So we start going at it me bent over hands on the porch him behind. It's going great then all of a sudden the back door swings open and it's my dad asking if I am okay. This was the first time my boyfriend met my dad. Not a good impression

Did i just have an orgasm?

Okay so this one time me and my ex were having sex i was pregnant at the time, well we had been going at it for a while and as i was have my peek I peed on him thinking i was only having an orgasms we get up to use the restroom when we were done and he was soaked. He told me to sniff him and as i did i busted out laughing telling him i peed on him he wasn't to happy. I was embarrassed but it was definitely funny.

Dont give your underwear to drunk guys!!

i was a at a friends 21st with a guy i was seeing. we were fooling around behind a shed at the party and it got a bit too heated so we decided to cool it and go back to the party when he turned to me and asked for my underwear. thinking this was going to lead to some naughty fun i gave them to him. we went back and joined everyone at the party. about half an hour later while i was getting a drink , the guy i was seeing pulled out my undies and put them on his head. i asked for them back and he politely declined finding his joke extremely entertaining. i was cherry tomato red..good night though.

Monday, March 11, 2013

School Scare's away kids!

So it was over the summer and me, my girlfriend at the time (now ex), my best friend and his gf, and my other best friend were hanging around the neighborhood because we were bored and some had been drinking. My ex and I lost our virginity to each other and she always got horny when drinking. We always used to find places to do it like my car, park etc. Well we found this park by my old grade school, and my ex who was horny and been drinking wanted some. So we went at the top by the slide while my friends were hanging around. It had rained earlier also. So we have sex and I finish and we still have most of our clothes on. All of a sudden an alarm goes off at the school for no reason. My ex got so scared I got pushed off and fell down the wet slide with my pants and underwear off and you could hear my ass screech down the slide. My friends died laughing as I ran out of there thinking cops were coming and they got me screaming on video. Funny thing is its just a routine alarm that goes off at midnight and I never found the condom. Hope no kids found it!

Dont get too engrossed!

My boyfriend and I went to a party at a friend's house a few weeks ago. We both had too many beers, and we both ended up wanting to have some fun... We didn't want to do it at my friends house, so we tried to sneak away... There was a golf course nearby, so we decided to go there... Dumb move, yes. But it was like 2 am and we were drunk and horny. Well, we walked to a part of the course about a mile in so no one could see us... Or so we thought... We started going at it, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old man walking his dog about a hundred feet away from us. He didn't do or say anything... He just stared at us. I freaked and kept telling my boyfriend to stop; but he wouldn't. I finally yelled at him that a guy was looking. He freaked too, when he finally looked up and saw the man staring at him. Thankfully, we were still almost completely dressed. I got lucky I was wearing a dress that day Haha. We ran back to my car, with the man staring at us the whole time. We were absolutely mortified; but still way too turned on to stop, so we finished up in the back seat of my car.

Needless to say, it was fun... But we're probably gonna stick to having sex at home from now on.

Lock the Door!!

This was about 2 years back when we had first started dating. 

His parents always let me spend the night at their house with him. I cleaned his room and whatnot lol. 

Well I had stayed the night and it was the next morning. We love morning sex. (: and we got really into it. We were doing every position we know.. The kinda sex where there's no talking, just screwing! So there we were, he had me bent over the bed whenever the door flies open and his dad walks in. He just peered in and walked right back out. I was completely mortified!! It turned out he just wanted him to put the dog back up. I couldn't look his dad in the eye for months.. And needless to say we had to get our own place! Lol

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dont hurt my daughter!!

I was a senior in high school and the girL I was dating was my first really serious relationship. She was very pretty kinda short, not fat, but not skinny either. Well we were at her parents house and I was supposed to leave by 9 pm. Her bedroom was in the basement of the house. I got up to leave and she shoved me on the bed and said "oh no you arent going anywhere until you cum in my mouth and all over my face and tits. Now any man who hears that isnt going to say "oh no we better not your mom said I had to leave." So I unzip and she starts sucking my cock. I dont want to brag but Im pretty well endowed but she went at it like a pro. Before going to work she looked up at me with her beautiful big eyes and said "I know I couldnt make you cum before with my head, but Ive been watching ALOT of porn and I wanna try some new stuff." It was fucking HEAVEN. The way she worked her toounge over my shaft and then started riding her vibrator was almost too much. She was moaning and sucking andgrabbing my ass and pulling me deeper into her throat was fantastic. She paused long enough to look up at me smiling and says she wants me to fuck her mouth! Man that night was going great! Now here comes the fun. She had an annoying 12 year old brother that used to try and piss me off on purpose. He was also a spoiled little bastard.Well his bedroom was right above hers and this little fucker rigged up a camcorder and fed it through the heating vents into her room. The vent was right above her bed! Well apparently he was watching his sister suck my dick and then went and told her father I was still there and that we were doing stuff. Her father bursts right into her room right when I was coming and she was saying "Oh yeah baby, Im such a dirty whore cum alllll over me while I shove this vibrator in my ass!" ( She liked anal) It was at that point I opened my eyes to her father reaching for my throat. He never got a hold of me and after we split I ran into him a few years later and said, "Hey hows Jackie? I REALLY miss her!" He turned so red I thought he was gonna stroke out

Dont do it in the Shower!!

Me and my boyfriend were hanging out in my apt and as always things get heated. We start having sex in the kitchen, the laundry room, and then the living room. After lying on the carpet in the living room in our body fluids we decide to get up and take a shower, together. We had never had shower sex before with each other nor other sexual partners and thought it would be extremely sexy. We started off bathing each other, that led us to fondling each other, which led up to sex but, we were stuck because he was 6"7 at the time while I'm only 5"7, so "stand up" sex wouldn't work. We tried to sit in the tub but he was too long, so that was out of the question also. He then tried to pick me up but we were both too weak, so that wasn't working. After standing around in the shower thinking, I came up with the idea that I would stand on the sides of the tub, slightly squatted down, and hold on to the shower rod while he entered me from the back. It seemed to be working for awhile until my boyfriend got ready to cum and he started pounding me which made my foot slip, my weight pulled down on the rod and caused it to break and I fell face first on the lid of the toilet. My boyfriend laughed so hard he came. My boyfriend won't let me live it down but lesson learned, I will never have sex with anyone over 6"2, I'm just happy the toilet lid wasn't up.

Dont drink water right away!!

So a few months ago I was with my girlfriend and she always blows me. Like everywhere. All the time. It's great. Anyway one day her and her parents had to drive me from her house. We always end up in the back and she usually sleeps on me. So she starts laying her head on my lap. A few minutes later I happen to get a boner and she notices. She Silently unzips me and starts sucking me off while her parents are in the middle of a conversation with each other. So i finish and i zip back up and everything is well. She asks for a bottle of water from her mom (to wash down the taste) and takes a sip and gives it back. Just as I was about to get out of the car for my house I hear her mom say "Why does this taste so salty". I almost died trying not to laugh my ass off.

Fat Lip Problem!!

Ok, so my now Ex, girlfriend and I were watching a film in bed, it was quit late. And so one thing lead to another and we got down to business! Now we had really great sex! But this one was so awkward! So we started with oral, and then she got on top. And after about 20 mins i needed to change position. So i got on top, and I'm going really fast! And i can feel I'm going to cum, so i just started going faster and harder... And she was about to cum too. And she was moaning like crazy, she told me told me to go harder! So I'm banging the hell out off her, and all off a sudden just as I'm about to blow! My bed snaps off the headboard, so the bed goes down at at a 45 degree angle, and i headbutted her forehead. Witch made my bottom lip explode! Blood goes every were and all at the exact same time i cumed... That was the most strangest orgasm i have ever had. And was really awkward when people asked me why i had a fat lip

In the Moment!!

Back in high school my husband and I were always going at it, like anytime, anywhere. Well were at his moms house with all his brothers and sisters watching a movie while his moms making lunch. We start cuddling and well we head to his room and start fooling around. He's on top and we just start going at it, when a knock at the door sounds, and all we hear is "mijo, the foods already." "Mom I'm having sex!" "Oh ill save you guys some than!" Needless to say I was mortified but it didn't help that as we reappear his mom walks up to me, arm around the shoulder laughing, "was it good mija?" His entire family laughing and smiling as she's handing me a plate

Skittles are fun!!

Alright so my girlfriend and I at the time had been together on and off for about a year, we had both had sex with a few people before we met each other so we had been pretty exposed to stuff sexually, one day when we were on holidays my parents had gone out to the shops and we were left to sleep in together, when we woke up, we got into it straight away, after about 2 hours of doing stuff, we decided we were going to do something we had never done before, I had a bag of skittles next to my bed, so I was like fuck it and started puttin them in her pussy and licking them out and shit, my bed was pretty old and saggy so I put my pillow under her ass to hold it up, after a while the colour from the skittles started running out of her pussy onto my white pillow, needless to say I told my mates and had the evidence to show them when I got home. They give me heaps about it and now I think about it, it's pretty embarrassing

Dont use your mom's bed!!

Ok so me and my current boyfriend decided to skip school one day to have some "fun" at my house. We left school at lunch time and went to my house. We never had sex in an empty house, usually someone was home and we'd have to keep quiet, which sucked because I couldn't moan or get rough. Anyway this time we had the whole house to ourselves and wanted to get a lil freaky ;) so as we're making out in my livingroom, we slowly started getting up to head to my bedroom. On the way there I suggested that we should do it in my moms room since her bed was comfortable. So we get to her room & get completely naked. We start going at it pretty rough and I figured I could moan & make sexy sounds to make it hotter since I could never be loud during sex. So we're there going at it moaning, screaming, huffing, puffing, like we never did before.. All of a sudden i hear a knock on the door and my name is being called in a familiar voice. Laughing my MOM says "what are you guys doing?!" My boyfriend literally hopped off me butt naked and I rolled off the bed and fell on the floor hitting my head on a dresser BUTT NAKED! My boyfriend looks so scared but laughs at me when he saw me layed out on the floor. I never changed so fast in my life! Then my mom says, from outside the door, "you better wash my sheets!" My bf and I walked out to her busting up laughing saying she came in hearing sex sounds and her bed squeaking. So I had to wash her sheets and 5 years later we all still laugh about that embarrassing day when me and my hubby we're horny high school kids

Check for Kids!!

So me and my ex were at her house cuddling and she started rubbing me and she was getting super horney so I was like why not?! And I started to finger her and she was super wet! She pulled down my pants and was giving me head then out of no where her little bro runs in and was like "siss..." Nvm! And ran out , later when we were having super her and I were both getting worried he would say something . And then he said mommy I walked into Sissys room and and her boyfriend had a big long thing coming out of him going into her mouth!!! I was so embarrassed ! I finished supper and my ex and I were just about to leave and her mom comes over and says " don't do it with family around'" and walks away

UPS guys have bad timings!!

Last year my wife and I put up our camping tent in our garage to air it out. We were outside and we were horny so we decided to go into the tent. It was the middle of the day and we left the overhead garage door open. We were in the middle of having sex when we heard noises just outside of the garage. We stopped for a second and didn't hear anything so we continued and finished. Then we heard someone outside saying, "hello is anyone home?" We quickly got dressed and went outside. It ended up being UPS, dropping off an item needing a signature. That was an embarrassing and awkward moment, but we had fun doing it!

Always ask!

So I had started talking to this girl via Facebook and one day we decided to get together. We grabbed food and ended up back in my dorm room to "watch" a movie. About a half hour later we started making out. I caressed her stomach and worked my way down to her snatch. As I started to play with her clit, I felt something hanging off her vagina. I kept rubbing without saying a word until it really started to freak me out. I asked her to take off her pants and she declined. So I really began to worry what was wrong with it. After about another 15 min I worked up the courage to ask if her vagina was deformed. She said, "no, why?" I replied, "cause you have this weird thing hanging off your pussy." She laughed at me and said no that's the string to my tampon. I'm on my period. Needless to say nothing happened.

Check your combo!!

so on a sunday i returned from a wild bachelor weekend in atlantic city and i still felt hung over but i wanted to hang out with my girlfriend that sunday night to finish off my weekend. i pick her up and we go get food at five guys burger and i have a big double cheeseburger. after we eat we get into my car and head to a secluded parking lot to do our thing. we in the back seat and i'm putting it down good and she feeling good but suddenly while i was hitting it from the back i started feeling my stomach getting tight, i turn her over to get a more comfortable position but my stomach started bubbling. i pulled out and sat down and a sudden urged to take a dump came down my stomach and i hopped out the car with no pants on and took a diarrhea dump right in the middle of the parking lot. i didn't care how cold it was outside, i'm glad i didn't leak anything in my car. my girlfriend,of over 3 years, was calm, collective and brought out napkins for me,half naked also, to clean up.we didn't even get to finish because i was so embarassed. don't have five guys burgers with a hang over and try to have sex

Dont hold her head down!

About a 2 years ago I was with this guy for about 3 months. We hadn't had sex yet, but we were getting to it. Finally, when we were watching a movie we started making out and it got heavy pretty fast. I was on my period and refused to have sex. He was stuck with a boner and I started to feel obliged to make him cum. After all, I did cause it. He asked me to give him a hand job but I always thought hand jobs were for horny teenagers so I decided to give him head. I'm not very good at it and at the time was inexperienced  At first when I started he loved it, he moaned and placed his hand on my head. The more I got into it, the more he started to it a fistful of my hair. Well my nose started to tickle really bad. I could stop because he was close to cumming. Finally I couldn't help it and stopped to turn away to sneeze. But it was alot more powerful than I thought and he had my hair in a tight gripped, keeping me in place in front of his cock. Long story short, I sneezed all over his dick! To make matters worse, I got my snot on it! It was horrible. i was so embarrassed. He immediately let go off me and was disgusted. 2 days after that we broke up. I still to this day take caution when sucking.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Curfew problem!

My parents are crazy strict and give me a curfew of 2am even though I'm 20 years old and in college. Well anyways my boyfriend takes me home and parks in my driveway, but it was still a little early for my curfew and I still wanted to have a little fun before I went in for the night ;). My boyfriend being the good guy he is didn't want to disrespect my parents house by fooling around in front of it, but I REALLY wanted to have sex. So after awhile, me being the crazy and very convincing girl I am I finally convince him to get in the back seat and we start to fool around. He has a very small car so that was the first annoyance but he utilized his space very well. We both came, and after chilled out naked in his back seat while I drew pictures on the steamed windows. For some reason, that I don't remember why now, I had to get in the front seat. His car is only two doors, so I opened the door not knowing the alarm was on. The alarm starts going off loud as can be in my nice quiet asleep neighborhood. We both freak out because it's 2am, and we try and find the keys STILL naked by the way. but WE CANT FIND THEM! I guess while having sex the keys got lost under the seat. I notice the front house lights go on and see my mom looking out the window at us. So I jump out the car naked and throw on some of my cloths, and while I'm putting on my shirt my dad walks out and catches me with my shirt half on and half off, my boyfriend in the car putting on his pants and the very steamed windows. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened. After 2 min of my dad standing there watching us while the alarm is going off my boyfriend finds his keys and shuts it off. My dad just looks at me and says nothing and walks into the house. My mom the next morning gives me the dirty look and says next time try his house not ours. So SO SO embarrassing. I couldn't look at my dads face for a month. My boyfriend still to this day laughs at me about it.

Sex Tapes!!!

Alright so back when me and my wife were in highschool when we first started dating, she decided to spend the night at my house. Well one night I was just really in the mood so things start heating up and she said that she always wanted to try recording us having sex so we did. Well once we were ready I bent her over and and just before I put it in her mom calls and we were 16 at the time so she had to answer. Well I was just wanted her so bad I couldn't take it. So here's my gf bent over naked in front of me but she's talking to her mom trying to hurry up and get off the phone so I decide to stick it in while she was on the phone and keep going and she's trying so hard to sound normal on the phone. So she gets off and we finish up so we decide to go down stairs to get a bite to eat leaving the camera on the side table next to my bed. Well my uncle borrowed it for a few to put something on CL. Well 2 seconds later I hear my uncle yell WTF! And we both run up stairs and my uncle says next time tell me there's something on here and my gf turned bright red and cried because she was so embarrassed. My uncle still gives me shit for it till this day.

Jalapeno Trouble!!

Me and my now fiancé had decided we were going to start a garden. So he loves jalapeño peppers, and that was the first plant on our list. I was making the holes and he was placing the seeds. Afterwards, watching him do all that hard manly work without a shirt on, REALLY turned me on. So we go into his parents' house and start shedding clothes. As soon as we hit the bed his fingers were inside of me, and I was ON FIRE. I screamed and ran to the shower to run the cold water. By the time I figure out what happened, he's cracked up and calling all his buddies to tell them what happened. Note to self: Don't ever plant jalapeño seeds and let him finger me!
I was humiliated and in pain.

Dont do it with a lesbian :P

Before My gf and I got together, we were the best of friends. We would wrestle, and argue and goof around like nobodies business. See she was into girls, and we never looked at each other in any sexual way. Well one night we were hanging out like we normally would, and like normal, we started to poke and push each other, and for some reason or another, we ended up wrestling through the majority of the movie. She ended up on top of me, and we had one of those odd movie moments. We leaned in and kissed each other. Before we knew it, we were making out like I never have before. I ripped her jeans off and went down on her for what seemed like hours. She came in my mouth, multiple times, and I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled her down, and then I rolled over and she scrambled to get on top of me. However, the moment she did, I felt the most intense feeling of pain I've ever experienced in my life. In her attempt to quickly get on me, she brought her knee down onto my right testicle. I rolled off the bed and hit the floor. She felt so bad, and we almost didn't finish doing our deed. After a few minutes of cuddling and ice we managed to get back in the mood, and we finished up. We love that that's our first story. But go, we are way more careful nowadays hahaha

Phones and headsets are bad!!

Fan submitted: A few days after she and I had originally had sex, we were sitting home playing some video game in my room, ( believe it was call of duty.) Suddenly, the mood struck me and i leaned in and started kissing her neck. Thats her go spot and it quickly escelated from there. She turned and removed her xbox headset, before going down on me for a few minutes. She's a very tiny girl so I can flip her around and pick her up and everything, so the sex is always awesome. This time was no different and I lifted her up and spun her so we were 69ing. It felt so amazing and she tasted so good. Finally I pulled her away bent her over the edge of my bed, and started ramming her from behind. She kept screaming for me to spank her ass, and how she loved my hard cock, well we were close to finishing, and suddenly my cell phone began ringing. I quickly answered it and it was one of our close friends.....come to find out, her stupid phone, (an old flip phone) had decided to call him up, and that he'd heard our rough sex for a few minutes. We were soooo embarrassed!!! And to make matters worse, she never turned off her headset, so a few dozen call of duty players also got to hear our screams of pleasure. To this day our friend dosnt let us live it down.

Squirting Problems

I was seeing a girl about a year ago and we had sex a couple times previous but this time was different. The night started off at a party where we were all playing beer pong and flip cup and I have been talking to this girl for a while and neither one of us are sober enough to drive back to my old place. My friend sets us up in his spare bedroom with this black futon. As soon as peoplestart to take off we sneak away into the room and we start going at it. This girl was fun to have sex with, and this time was no different. We start off in missionary and then switch it up to reverse cowgirl. After a while in this position she turns back to tell me "I have something to tell you" Of course i'm thinking something like I love you is going to come out....NOPE WAAAAAY DIFFERENT....She whispers softly to me "I am a squirter" and at the exact moment SPLLLIIISSSHHHH SPLAAASSSHHHHH all over the place. You could hear the whatever it was hitting the walls. It was like a broken water pipe. When she finally finished, we went to take a shower and fell asleep on the floor, because the futon was trashed with smelly wetness. Woke up the next day and the black futon looks like a reverse colored dalmatian. And it smells like straight up pee. My friends all thought she just wanted a reason to pee all over me, which could be because that was the only time she "squirted". I have no shame so it's just funny memories for me but to this day my friends and I have no idea if she really was a squirter or if I just got pee'd on!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embarrassing rape fantasies

My girlfriend at the time, now fiancé, told me she had a "forced" fantasy in which I'd take her no matter how hard she fought. We set up a code word to use in case things got too far & planned it. She kept me on edge for four days, rubbing my cock & licking me every chance she got but not allowing my release. I had told her that we'd "play" on Saturday.

Saturday came and she asked me to take her out to lunch. All during which she was toying with me, eating & drinking seductively & fondling me under the table with her feet. The whole ride home she was rubbing me through my pants as I drove. As we pulled into the apartment parking lot I told her that she was gonna get it when we got upstairs. She jumped from the car and ran up with me chasing her.

As we entered the apartment I yelled out "You're gonna give me that pussy one way or another!" As her part in the fantasy, she yelled back "Don't you fucking touch me!" as I was closing the door.

I attacked her, loudly, vulgarly and aggressively attacked her in the living room. Tearing at clothing, yelling things I wouldn't normally say and she was yelling her "protests" the entire time.

Our fun and "fantasy" came to a screeching halt when the door flew open and two police officers stood in the doorway, guns drawn, yelling at me to "let the woman go." As soon as I did I was tackled and handcuffed before I could say anything. I tried to explain as they were hauling me towards the door, which they weren't interested in hearing. She finally yelled "Stop! It's okay! Let him go!" The cops stood there speechless for a second and I had to urge her to tell them what was going on. They let me go with a stern warning about being so loud while we carried out fantasies.

Apparently my neighbor heard what was happening and called the cops thinking I was raping her. Needless to say, we haven't played out that fantasy again & have moved from that apartment into a quieter, country house. Maybe one day we'll give it a shot again, I just won't yell so loud. Lol!

Foreskin Badluck

One afternoon, my best friend and I just got back from the gym. I told her I was going to jump into the shower, so she ended up playing on my laptop outside my bathroom in my room. So my best friend is honestly a gorgeous women and I got hard at the idea of her getting in the shower with me. So I was stroking really hard and fast, that I ended up ripping the forskin of my dick. In this moment I didn't realize until I saw the blood, I said " oh my god I'm bleeding!" Out loud, so jump out the shower, around the same time my best friend heard that and came in to see if I was okay and saw everything! She helped me clean up but figured what I was doing. It was embarrassing few months later she told me she wanted to have sex with me that day.