Friday, February 15, 2013

Shopping Fun

Here's my story. My ex girlfriend and I had lost our v cards to each other and were crazy for each other. So one day while we were at the mall we went to Dillard's. We found a dressing room and we started having sex. But we had some clothing to "try" on for reasons of we got caught. While she was riding me a lady came into the dressing room knocking on doors checking if people were in them, so we decided to finish and get dressed. But as she knocked on our door I came everywhere as my girlfriend stood up. The old lady witnessed it all. We were freaking out. I walked out and she stared at me and asked me what was wrong with me. I ignored her walked fast and called my girl and told her to meet me downstairs. We left and got back to her house. Worst thing is, that old lady was my girlfriends best friends grandma. But she never ratted us out.

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