Monday, February 18, 2013


I was seeing this guy for about 2 months, he decides he only wants fun but I didnt so we called it a day (we didnt have sex during this time) anyway, as time went on, he kept finding excuses to meet up or for me to go round his & help him out with stuff & he would always try it on & I would always pull back... Xmas just gone, 7 months after we stopped seeing each other, he asked me to help him wrap his presents for his Son, I said yeah sure, I went round, did the wrapping.... He tried it on... I thought, hm why not, I was getting horny, we got undress & he put a condom & I was in the mood for a proper hard time.... As soon as he put his penis in..... He cum... whether you call that sex or not, I do not know as there was no shagging.... I was MORTIFIED, we got up, got dressed, I left, 10 mins later, I recieved a text from him ' Please dont tell anyone, my Pride is dented, thats never happened before'.... I never went back again...

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