Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I like to Pee!!

Here's my story, or one of many haha. I was on leave back in April, home for 10 days before I got stationed at my duty station. Marine Corps! Anyways, I had plenty of sex while on leave, but this was a first. So I hooked up with an old friend, we were getting it in every other day. The sex was great, we'd been talking about the next time I'd be home how we'd do this that and the third. So we're in my room doing the damn thing, I was on my 3rd nut I think.. So just as i'm about to release my beautiful unborn children or so I thought, I began peeing in her! Wow! I know, I know. She looks up at me and asks, "Did you just pee in me?" haha I start laughing my ass off! I told her no but who was I kidding. I got up went to the bathroom finish pissing and jumped right back in her! Needless to say we're still cool. She still wants the D despite the fact I'm 10,000 miles away!

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