Sunday, February 24, 2013

Having a Train Quicky

Me and my husband was coming back on the last train and the train wasn't so busy so my husband requested a blowy, I kindly obliged. I told my husband to keep watch while I did it, anyways my husband got right in the moment and must of closed his eyes through enjoying it so much, next thing to my horror we hear 'tickets please' I stop look up to see a ticket inspector who had complete shock on there face then I caught them trying not to laugh.then we thought they would just walk off to get sorted but no he waited while My husband had to quickly put himself away with a massive hard on and dig our tickets out his jeans pocket. The look of disgust the inspector had when my husband handed over the tickets, to add to the embarrassment the ticket inspector said would you kindly wait till you get off the train to do that :-o embarrassed much

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