Monday, February 18, 2013

Having fun with the Daughter

My self and the lads were on our holidays in the canaries. We were staying in greenfields hotel and having a great time.
So we go out one night and meet a load of ladies in the club, one lady in particular took my fancy, so me being me chatted away with her and we were soon snogging the face off each other.
At the end of the night she asked what hotel I was stayin in so I told her and it happened she was staying there too, so we were heading back to the hotel and we stop a few times to snog passionately and fondle each other, we finaly reach the hotel and are more or less doing it in the corridor things have gotten so heated between us.
I have her pinned against the wall hand up her mini skirt and her hand deep in my shorts when she pushes me backwards through this door. I throw her up on the table in this room, rip off her clothes and my own and we proceed to have very rough noisy sex.
As we're mad at it the door opens suddenly and the lights come on and I hear a man shouting "what the f**k are you doing", I turn around to see this man standing there staring at us open mouthed and my bare milky white bum looking at him when the lady in question goes " oh my god dad get out" and he replys "thats my f*****g desk u dirty b******s".
Oops - he was the hotel manager and I was banging his daughter on his desk.
I got dressed and went up to my buddys and told them what happened. We had a great laugh of it, that was until the next morning when we were all asked to leave the hotel, haha!

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