Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First time fail!

Me and my housemate went out one night for christmas with a few friends. When we got back we were talking for about an hour and drinking more, after a while we both went our seperate ways and went to bed. About 5 minutes later a knock arrives at my bedroom door to find my housemate but naked asking if I wanted to do something we'd both regret the following day, so I agreed. Everything was going great, and it was getting heated in the room, when he comes out with "I dont know where to put it, i'm a virgin!!" so I was mortofied of the fact that he had come out with that statement, but didnt want to let him know that, so I had helped him put it in. All was going great until we went to do another position, and his penis had basically failed him as a man, and he was then the one embarrassed at the fact that he had not been able to perform anymore and he went off crying.

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