Saturday, February 23, 2013

Double Embarrassment!

My fiance and I were at his mother's for the weekend. His mom watched the baby while we went in the hot tub with his cousin. His cousin left so we decided to have sex. There's a gazebo over it and you can barely see through the steam. When we were done we went back inside. I was in the bedroom when I hear his cousin say, "well I tried to come back out but you guys looked pretty busy so I came back in." he says this right in front of my mother in law. My fiance says well you must be mistaken we didn't have sex in the hot tub. He comes in the room and goes hunny he caught us. I told everyone nothing happened. Bet yet he didn't just leave though he probably stood there jerking off. Then his mom opens the door and hands us the baby monitor and says I don't think you want everyone hearing your conversation. The next morning any time anyone mentioned the hot tub I walked away lol.

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