Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dad veiws the Fun!

So for me in the bedroom anything goes. Except anal. Ha but I like props and toys and dress up time, things like that. I was dating this guy a while back and his birthday was coming up. I decided to set up a little alone time away from everything. I rented a room in town and did everything from bubble bath to music to hot oil, I had the whole set up going on. I had on a corset top, stockings, a garter set, high heels, all that. I texted the ex the address of where I was and told him to get his ass there now. I wait until he says he's ten minutes away and hand cuff myself to the headboard. Just one wrist. Well I hear the door knob turn and in walks him and his father! We're all like deer in head lights and I freak out! his dad ends up laughing and running out, I'm like wtf to the guy! He shows me the message I sent him and turns out I said get your DAD here now. And he did not think to ask why do I need to bring my dad????? Ugh. Horrible.

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